Spring in Italy

This Spring has been busy with travels. There have been store visits throughout the South and portions of Texas and Arizona. And just last week, I returned from Italy. To say that Italy is inspiring is an understatement. The landscape and all of its natural beauty is truly magical. I often spend most of my time in and around the area of Lake Como. The Spring in Italy is nothing less than spectacular and this year was no exception.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Here is the stone promenade that surrounds the Western edge of Lake Como. As you can see, the wisteria is in full bloom! The air all around the lake smells incredibly fragrant!

Here is another look at the abundant Wisteria surrounding a small port.

Azaleas in all their glory.

Beautiful homes in Como around the promenade.



I also ventured to Rome for a day to visit a long time friend (and life long resident of Rome). Her knowledge of the architecture and history is amazing and I loved getting to tag along and learn more about this remarkable city. Pictured above is one of many bridges crossing the Tiber River.

The Pantheon

The Piazza Navona or the Statue of the Rivers. This Bernini statue marks all of the major rivers of the world.

A Roman street scene


As always, I loved my time in Italy. Getting to visit with life long friends and taking some time to explore was a real treat. Hope all is well for you. New York is finally in bloom and Spring finally arrived. Ciao!

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